Last night I was staring at my camera and my new Sigma 24 mm 1.4 Art lens, and i'm just itching to put some use to it. So I decided to head down to one of my favorite parks in Calgary, Fish Creek Park. This park stretches about 19 km east to west in one of the largest urban parks in Canada. 

It's Sunday morning and I'm up at 7 am making myself some nice bacon and eggs for breakfast. My wonderful wife pulled out all of my extra warm layers the night before and got dressed for my morning adventure. I love being up early and especially on the weekends if i'm going anywhere because the majority of Calgarians are still asleep! Hardly anyone on the roads, and I was the only vehicle in the parking lot when I got to the park.

I decided to check out Voiter's Flats since it was the closest day use area to me coming from the North. There are numerous entrances to the park depending on where you live or where you are visiting in Calgary. This park is very well maintained, especially during the snowy winter months, all of the paved pathways were cleared for the morning runners, cyclists, and adverturing photographers like me!

My trek took me from Voiters Flat to Bebo Grove and back, which was about a 2 hour walk, and I was warmly greeted by a few Mule Deer and Black-capped Chickadee's throughout my adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Fish Creek Park, and there's so much left to explore that I may have to make this a weekly tradition!