Brianne is free; completely in love with nature, and Mother Earth. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect person than her for this special session out on Salt Spring Island. Serene, peaceful, breathtakingly beautiful is all I can say about this island. It is truly my photographer's paradise here.

I've known Brianne through my wife for a few years now, and she has a real genuine wanderlust to see the world and to meet new people. She's traveled at months on end wherever her heart strings tell her to go, and loving every experience along the way.

It's hard to find a "home" when you travel from place to place. And after spending some time with Brianne out at Spirit Lake on the island, I can say wholeheartedly, that being in nature is her home. On the island or when she is off travelling, wherever Mother Nature is, she is home. She is content, free, in tune with the Earth, and it is a place where she can savour freedom, solitude, and be filled with overwhelming bliss.

Thank you Brianne for allowing me to capture your genuine personality, your emotions, and your natural beauty.

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